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Fifteen years ago, an ambitious and business-minded young lady from Satchanalai, Sukhothai Province came to Koh Lanta with a dream to build a sanctuary for lovers and honeymooners, where they could unwind, relax and enjoy the tranquility and peacefulness of the Island. She knew this was the beginning of a challenging yet rewarding journey. And, she built one of the best-known resorts here on the Island, the White Rock Resort.

Ten years later, she was already working on her second ambitious project, the Roi Thai Restaurant. The idea behind this undertaking was to offer visitors and guests a taste of real Thailand from the ancient era of 13th and 14th centuries, at which time Si Satchanalai, Sukhothai Province was the capital of the First Kingdom of Siam. This was the time where men worked hard on the field all day long and came home at night and were presented delightful and tasty dishes, prepared by their wives throughout the day. And, this was the idea behind the Roi Thai Restaurant, and as it is today, to offer everyone the opportunity to experience the traditional lifestyle and the authentic cuisines, prepared by skilled Chefs using original methods and recipes. As the name also suggests, “Roi Thai” or “Ways of Ancients”, is the one place to truly enjoy and experience the original Thai cuisine and culture at its best.

Three years later, Roi Thai started offering one of the best and most successful cooking classes on the Island. These courses are taught by the new generation of Thai Chefs, whose aim is to preserve the Thai cooking culture, inherited from the ancient Si Satchanalai era.